I’m about to fucking snap

  -  25 June 2014


  -  25 June 2014

When will someone give a fuck

  -  3 June 2014

To Whom It May Concern…

I fucked up so fucking bad and I wish I could take it back. I fucked up the best thing to ever happen to me. I want to hurt myself pretty fucking bad. I despise me for what I did and what I did to you.

I will do what’s best for all that’s around me, disappear. I have been nothing but problems for past couple months, and nothing is going to change that. I am the problem, and the solution is me disappearing.

I love you so much, it’s as if my heart is made out of little bits of who you are and how you have impacted me. I pray to a god that isn’t there, that somehow, someway, I will wake up next to you, holding me. You are the only thing I ever believed in, and you’re the only one that has ever believed in me. You were the sun in the morning, warming my body. I need you as much as the waves need the shore. You were my crutch, I could lean and rely on you. You were my moonlight, everything seems wrong without you.

I fucking hate what I did so god damn much. I wish I could go back into time and change it all. It is all my fault that I am feeling that way, I deserve this, I deserve what is done to me.

I need to disappear, I need to be gone, I am a bad memory and thus, must be extinguished. I solemnly apologize to everyone who I ever have ever done wrong, especially you. The person who meant the most to me.

Good bye you all, thank you for you niceness and goodness, but I am an infection, an annoyance on all of those around me.


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A Take on Feminism

"Yeah men don’t have it nearly as hard as women, you’re right. That’s why the male suicide rate is 4 times higher than that of women, that’s why 90% of the homeless are men, and that’s why 15 TIMES as many men are put in prison as women and men are given 60% longer sentences than women are given for the SAME crimes. Women live harder lives than men, that’s why 92% of on the job deaths and injuries are men, and men do all the hazardous and torturous hard jobs in society, building and providing all the modern conveniences that make you comfortable enough to sit there saying men have it easier than you.

Men build the home you live in and maintain the power grid that lights and heats that home. Men grow, harvest and deliver the food you eat and create your cell phone and computer and all the technology you use. Men that you’re too narrow-minded to even think of are out there providing for your comfort and leisure every day with their sweat and blood on job sites with no heating in the dead of winter, in coal mines, on oil rigs, climbing on high voltage towers and bridges and steel girders dozens of stories above the street level, and in other dangerous and uncomfortable work environments that you would never consider subjecting yourself to. And when you’re in danger from criminals or fire or invading armies, it is mostly male police, firefighters and soldiers who are there to sacrifice their lives for your protection. Meanwhile women consume 70% of all consumer goods, using much more than their fair share of the power and fuel and society’s resources in general, which are mostly produced and provided to you by men.

It’s harder to be a woman, that’s why society provides every kind of social support for women and their mental health, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find ANY men’s centers on college campuses or shelters for male victims of violence and abuse (even though men and boys worldwide are subjected to TWICE as much violence as women), which is WHY men end up as the majority of homeless and suicides. Any time people try to create these services for men and boys, feminists oppose it, and successfully, because our society gives them everything they demand. Because of political feminists, males have NO social support network, so in that area, women have everything and men have nothing.

Women have to worry about rape? Well men have to worry about being subjected to far more violence of every kind. Women are objectified as sex objects? Well, it’s far better to be objectified as a sex object than to be objectified as a disposable utility, expected to work yourself to death and suffer in silence, never expressing any feelings or having anyone care about a man’s pain or worries. Feminists like you, who think it’s easier to be a man, are so lacking in basic empathy or understanding it’s disgusting. Feminists whine and complain about comparatively petty problems, which society provides for while ignoring the needs of men and boys, while you claim that men, who live hard lives where we have to face all the harsh realities you’ll never have to deal with and shoulder all the responsibilities that society spares you from, have it EASY! More money is spent on protecting women from having their feelings hurt by hearing dirty jokes in office jobs than is spent on protecting men from DYING on dangerous construction sites.

Feminists = self-centered, uncaring woman-children, completely incapable of even seeing or considering the hardships faced by anyone but yourselves, and unwilling to even recognize any man’s humanity.

But of course you don’t want to hear any of this, because if society really realized the truth, then feminists might have to admit that it’s YOUR gender which has special privileges, and you might have to start taking on your fair share of work and responsibilities to keep this society running, instead of just leeching off of it. If you allowed yourself to see the truth, you might start feeling guilty for objectifiying the male half of the human race as utilities, using us like farm animals and beasts of burden, while also pointing your fingers at us and treating us like we were all born monsters. If you started listening to the truth, you might have to see some of your own faults and share some of the cookies.

Exactly what I was thinking. Well at least someone read it lol. I gave her a long 5-paragraph comment densely packed with facts and figures about the truth of feminism and the issues faced by men and boys, and the reality of gendered privilege in our society, but she just simply ignored it. Considering the facts with an open mind might have caused her to question her dogmatic ideology, and that scares feminists like losing faith scares religious fundamentalists. Feminism is a hate group, and they don’t want to know any truths which might cause them to feel sympathy or love for men or to see us as human beings, because that would undermine their carefully cultivated misandry.

That doesn’t make any sense. What man wants a “real girl” who won’t also sleep with him? There’s nothing wrong with a man wanting love and respect and also wanting physical affection, passion and intimacy in a relationship, you women want all the same things in your relationships. Why do some women, like you apparently, see it as wrong for a man to pursue his natural needs, and yet empowering for a woman to pursue the same?

That’s what’s “evil”, the degradation of male sexuality when you see it as nothing but some base animal drive which is somehow wrong, that in sexual contact a man is somehow taking from you but not giving the same exact parts of himself back to you too. That type of woman fails to realize that a man needs intimate contact to feel affection just as much as she does, and that men do have emotional connections. Meanwhile, due to societal gender roles, men only receive affection from our sex partners, because we don’t get supportive, reassuring hugs from all our family and friends 10 times per day like you do.

You may be shocked to hear this: Men are people, they are just as emotionally complex as you are, they have feelings other than horniness, and their sexuality is not just about having an orgasm. A man needs to feel wanted, needed, appreciated, desired, and cared for just as much as you do.

That is true, and it’s good to see you agree. The problem is that feminism was long-ago co-opted by a power-hungry agenda which seeks not equality between men and women, but superiority of women over men, with women enjoying special privileges while being protected from all the hardships and responsibilities that men have to take on in order to earn anything we get. The end result of that is that women are actually treated as far more weak and powerless than they ever have been by feminism itself. Current feminism is actually misogynistic in the way it treats women like children who need to be helped and handheld and given special quotas and privileges and protections at the expense of men.

The average “coffee shop feminist”, as they’re called by some, is the average women who believes what she was taught, that feminism has the best interests of women in mind and the goal of equality between men and women. They have come to identify feminism with the rights of women, the right to vote, and equality, so they cannot see the hateful group that feminism has become and they think that anyone who opposes the feminist movement of today is against equal rights for women and just wants women “to get back in the kitchen.” The men’s rights pushback against feminism has been trying to regain some of the rights men have lost, to bring us closer to an egalitarian balance.

The average equality-seeking feminist needs to realize that the political and ideological feminism which has become a dominant force in government and academia is harmful to men AND to women. Women who want equality need to see that feminism does nothing but drive men and women apart, break up families, destroy marriages, take children away from the love and care of their fathers and alienate us all from one another by getting in the way of all those natural human connections. The average woman needs to see feminism for what it is, distance herself from it, and say “I am not a feminist, because I do not hate men and I want true equality and healthy relationships built on cooperation, not on competition, and love and caring between men and women.”….”

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I’m in love with Matthew so much and I always will be. He’s the best boyfriend that anybody could ever have and I’m so lucky to have him. We are going to be together forever because he’s my soul mate. <3 

  -  12 August 2013